Access Deployment Tools

Installation done right.

The installation is the first thing your customer sees of your application. If you want to make sure your customers have the best first impression of your Microsoft Access based software, you need an installation tool which is dedicated to this purpose.

SageKey software and Microsoft are the only companies to produce software dedicated to installing the Access Runtime. Here at SageKey we want to help make your application appear as a standalone program.


  • No repairs necessary

    No more repair/reconfiguration dialogs. Eliminate the lengthy repair process and make your application appear independent of any runtime. (See video below)
  • Digital signing

    With the ability to add a digital signature and no macro security warnings, your application will always be trusted. No annoying pop-ups.
    (See video below)
  • Installation destination

    Whether you want a workstation, server or complete install or you just want to release an update to your existing software, the SageKey Access Deployment Wizard can make it happen.
  • Ready for anything

    Stay up to date. The SageKey Access Deployment Wizards are fully tested on all operating systems with all versions of Access so you can be sure that whatever situation you face, we’ve tested it!
  • Permission granted

    Your installation will set the correct permissions so that any user can access the same data no matter where it is on the system. You won’t face any of the familiar Windows issues, including virtualization.
  • We're listening

    24/7 support via our online forum and you can bet that when new operating systems, service packs or Access versions are released that our products are fully tested in all environments.

Watch a video demonstration of the the core components of the Access Deployment Wizard from a previous build.

Join the other thousands of customers from over 50 countries worldwide who have peace of mind that their Access applications are being installed correctly.

We have 2 different licenses – see which is right for you.


Our Pro version is designed with the advanced Access developer in mind.

Similar to the Lite Wizard but with a lot more functionality including extra installs, extra shortcuts, and registry keys. This tool is on a par with Installshield Express in terms of functionality.


A basic Wizard similar to the Package and Deployment Wizard from Microsoft but with the benefits that only a SageKey-built install can give you. Everything you need to distribute a simple application bundled with the Microsoft Access Runtime.

Feature Comparison

Feature Pro Lite
Maintain compatibility with other Access versions Yes Yes
No macro security warnings Yes Yes
24/7 Support via online forum Yes Yes
Builds a complete install Yes Yes
Sets correct permissions on the install directory Yes Yes
Create Updates Yes Yes
Scan for references Yes Yes
Add extra support files to install and control the installation location Yes Yes
Create shortcut to front end application and help file Yes Yes
Customize the installation dialogs Yes -
Create extra shortcuts to other files included in the install Yes -
Create and edit registry keys Yes -
Execute pre-requisite installs Yes -
Execute post installation installs / executables Yes -
Price $650 USD $450 USD