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Deployment Wizard settings to put shortcuts unique to each user account Options
Posted: Wednesday, October 01, 2014 7:26:14 AM
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Hello Sagekey,
I'm using the Access 2010 Pro Deployment Wizard and need to adjust the settings for the shortcuts.

I have a server with multiple users and am installing the Access FE in each user's local account (not the BE).

I need to have the shortcut for the FE, generated by the Deployment Wizard, unique for that user's account so that it points to their own user/local FE accde file. I changed the Installation Directory to <LOCAL_APP_DATA>\mycompany\myapp so the files would be stored local to the user.

However, the shortcuts are installing across all users and therefore trying to open the same FE accde file. I need the user/local Desktop shortcut to point to the user/local FE accde file. How do I make this happen in the Deployment Wizard? I've looked in the shortcut settings but can't find the right adjustment.

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: When I use <LOCAL_APP_DATA> it seems to install the files in the Admin user's 'AppData/Local' folder even if I'm running the installation signed in as another user. I need the files to install under the User's unique folders (preferably 'Documents'). Even when I manually changed the install location while running the exe to User/Documents it still installed everything to the Admin user's AppData/Local.

I really need help with this- hope someone sees it soon.

EDIT 2: I also just realized that it seems you can't 'run' an installation.exe twice on the same machine, even signed in as a different user. It just 'updates' the existing installation. So it seems it might not be possible to use the Sagekey Deployment Wizard to run multiple installs on a multi-user Server? Just need to be clear on this- thanks.
Posted: Thursday, October 02, 2014 2:21:28 PM

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Hi Kevin,

Your second edit is a major point. That is correct that the Wizard is only designed to be installed once, then upgraded from there.

It sounds like you may need to work with the administrators of the system to install the application once then copy the frontend to the individual users' folders.

If you do plan to do this then I would recommend telling the shortcut (frontend shortcut [...] button in shortcuts screen) not to store the command line in the registry. This way you can see how the shortcut is constructed and change what you need to for each user.

This is pushing the boundaries of what the Wizard is designed for so it could be better to build this in another tool and have us help you load the Wizard's shortcut information into that system.
Posted: Saturday, October 04, 2014 4:25:20 PM
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Hi Cole,
Thanks for the info on that- it's what I suspected and I think I'll need to find another install route for this platform. I'm looking into it and if I need help with a custom setup I'll get in touch, as you all do great work.

Best Regards,
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