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Improper installation. ActiveX component can't create object (429-20) Options
Posted: Wednesday, June 03, 2015 8:32:51 AM
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I've packed up an Access project with Access Runtime 2013 and after install, I get the message: Improper installation. ActiveX component can't create object (429-20)

This is a new version of an existing application. If I install it on a pc that has the old application, everything is fine. However, if I install it on a "clean" machine, I get the error. I'm not installing it as an upgrade. It is stand-alone and installs in a new location.

Any thoughts about what I'm missing in the build? This is my first time using SageKey so the previous app was built by another programmer. It used Access Runtime 2007.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Posted: Monday, June 08, 2015 2:13:59 PM

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Hi Mark,

It sounds like you are missing one of your references, or one of the required files that are tied to a reference.
Usually this is an OCX or DLL file, that is either missing entirely or is not registered (possibly due to a missing dependency).

I know that isn't the most helpful thing to say, since you'll need to go through your references and your files you've added to the install to see what could be missing, but that is usually what it takes.

If you're using some 3rd party controls, you can look in their documentation to see if they list all the files you need in the install for their product. Compare that to what you have, and you may find what is missing.

If you still have the project info of the old install that you mentioned, you could compare those files to the new project, since you know that the old version includes what your new one is missing.
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